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Behavioral Manifestation of Medical Conditions

The human body is composed of cells that form tissues, and then tissues develop into organs which then create organ systems. They are all interconnected, and it should come as no surprise that one organ’s function or dysfunction can impact another’s. Consequently, there is no disconnect between the mind and the body. It’s been well established that mental health disorders can present with medical symptoms (psychosomatic); the same holds for certain systemic or medical diseases. There are many medical conditions with behavioral manifestations, and one should always be mindful, particularly when there are unexplained signs and symptoms. As ignoring them could cause a delay in the treatment of a medical condition and can have grave consequences. 


The most common medical conditions that produce psychiatric symptoms and signs include infections ( syphilis), autoimmune diseases (SLE or lupus), endocrinologic (hypothyroidism), metabolic (diabetes), neoplastic diseases (any cancer), and certain vitamin deficiencies. The symptoms are usually nonspecific; hence additional information (detailed history and physical examination, laboratory and imaging studies) may be needed to determine whether a medical disease is the cause. It might be helpful to keep a log or a journal of your symptoms to share with your doctor or therapist.         

Any red flags should warrant a medical evaluation or further investigation

You Are Whole: Mind, Body, Soul

As a patient, it is important to raise questions when your symptoms fail to improve despite being on the appropriate medications and dosage. It also helps to know your family’s history as some conditions are genetic. Getting an annual check-up as part of your routine when undergoing therapy can also be beneficial as certain disorders are, at times, diagnosed on routine exams. Integrative or collaborative care, which incorporates medical, behavioral health, is valuable. As the patient, you’re at the center with a team to coordinate your care. Things are less likely to be missed, and you receive better care.

Systemic diseases have behavioral manifestations, just as some Mental health disorders can have psychosomatic symptoms. In essence, we need a shift in the thinking that matters of the mind are separate from the body. Remember, you are whole, Mind, Body, and Soul.