We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. We take a holistic approach to avoid care gaps and ensure the problem is addressed at its root.

House Call

Experience the ultimate convenience and personalized care by bringing the doctor's expertise directly to your doorstep. No more long waits or inconvenient appointments.

Infectious Disease

You can now have virtual appointments with our team of infectious disease experts without leaving your home. It's convenient and efficient because you don't have to wait for long periods.


IV Therapy

IV hydration, also known as IV vitamin therapy, is a process where beneficial vitamins and minerals are delivered directly into your bloodstream through a tube placed in your arm.


Talk to a healthcare provider live over the phone or on video. Send and receive messages from your health care provider using secure messaging, email via the online portal.

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Weight Management

At Koremed, we believe in a healthy and balanced way of losing weight. We don't just focus on the number on the scale, but on improving your overall health.