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Behaviorial Health

We believe that mental health is just as important as physical health. We take a holistic approach to avoid care gaps and ensure the problem is addressed at its root.

House Call

Experience doctor visits like never before! Our team of highly qualified doctors will come to your home to provide you with comprehensive medical care. We believe that access to healthcare should be convenient, reliable, and affordable.

Infectious Disease

Consult with our experienced infectious disease specialist from home using secure video technology. We offer prompt and high-quality medical services with the highest standards of professionalism and confidentiality.


IV Therapy

IV hydration is a process in which beneficial vitamins and minerals are infused directly into the bloodstream through an IV line that is placed in the arm or an injection.


Talk to a healthcare provider live over the phone or on video. Send and receive messages from your health care provider using secure messaging via the online portal.

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Weight Management

Get tailored solutions for your specific needs and objectives. Work with our expert team to develop a custom plan that considers your unique circumstances.

At Koremed


Our doctors are board-certified and have extensive experience in providing quality care. Our team also includes advanced practice registered nurses to support your health journey.

About us


At Koremed, we use technology to provide accessible and cost-effective care. We don’t simply treat symptoms, we take a whole-listic approach to personalize your care
And offer the convenience of caring for you in your home. Whether it is Medical, Behavioral Health, or Social Services, we’re here to help.
With Koremed, you can expect comprehensive and compassionate care that focuses on your unique needs. We are committed to improving your well-being and ensuring that you receive the highest quality of care possible.

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